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Discounts and offers (FAQ)

By | 3 September, 2020 | 0 comments

Does Hotel Samos have any special offers or details? Does Hotel Samos offer loyalty discounts to returning guests? Can I use two discounts at the same time? Does Hotel Samos offer group discounts? Find the answers here.

The following discounts and offers apply only to direct bookings made on this website. For queries relating to other travel providers, please contact them directly.

Special deals

We offer various discounts throughout the year. See current Hotel Samos special offers or follow Hotel Samos on Facebook or Hotel Samos on Instagram.

For exclusive subscriber-only offers, sign up to the Hotel Samos newsletter.

Loyalty discounts

Hotel Samos offers discounts through its loyalty programme for guests who come back to see us again.

  • Stay 2: 5%
  • Stays 3-4: 10%
  • Stays 5+: 15%

To request your loyalty discount code, please send your full name and passport or ID number used to check in previously to

Multiple discounts

Only one of the above discounts may be used at a time. For example, it is not possible to apply:

  • a one-off special offer with a loyalty discount
  • a discount code with a price-match rate

The exception is the prepayment option, which can be used with loyalty discounts.

Prepayment discount

Guests who pay at the time of booking receive a further discount in addition to any other discount code applied. See our current booking options.

Group discounts

We do not offer discounts for groups.

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