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Security and hygiene guide for guests

By | 6 July, 2020 | 10 comments

Your holiday at Hotel Samos is nearly here! Find out about the Covid rules in Magaluf, Calvià so that you can arrive ready to have a safe, wonderful break. (Last update: 21/05/21)

We have prepared this handy guide for you, with FAQs about the security and hygiene measures in Calvià, Majorca and at Hotel Samos.

You can also read about the security, safety and cleaning measures at Hotel Samos.

Guide contents

General rules

Face masks

All adults and children (6 years or older) must wear a face mask at all times, both indoors and outdoors.


The only times when you can take off your face mask are when you are:

  • eating or drinking
  • sunbathing or swimming at the beach or at Hotel Samos
  • exercising outdoors
  • in your own hotel room.

Social distancing

Aim to keep a distance of 1.5m from other people not within your group.

At Hotel Samos, we will help you do this by spacing seating and sun loungers, marking queuing points and adapting other services.

Hand washing and hygiene

Frequently wash your hands and follow other basic hygiene rules, such as sneezing into your elbow or a tissue rather than into your hands.


  • Until 22/05/21: 23:00-06:00 (bars close at 22:30)
  • From 23/05/21: 24:00-06:00 (bars close at 23:30)

If you are outside during these times, the police may ask you to present a justification.

Beaches, playgrounds and similar outdoor areas are closed from 21:00-06:00.

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Face mask guidance

You can bring your own mask or buy a reusable one at Hotel Samos. Disposable masks have a set maximum price of 96 cents each at pharmacies.

Masks must be the sort approved by Spanish authorities: a hygiene mask that covers the nose and chin, held in place by ear or head fastenings.

Unacceptable masks include any alternative face covering such as a scarf, hiking or running ‘tube’, headband or bandana.

Wear a mask as required or you could be fined 100 EUR. Likewise, there is a 200 EUR fine for discarding them irresponsibly. Please throw them in the bin!

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Hand hygiene and gloves

Places such as shops or supermarkets may ask that you wear gloves, which they provide.

Always use the disinfectant hand gel found at the entrance to places like cafés, restaurants, shops and hotels.

There are hand gel dispensers throughout Hotel Samos. Please use them before entering the hotel, restaurant, bars and other communal areas.

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On the beach

  • Beaches are closed from 21:00-06:00.
  • Check whether a beach is busy or full to capacity on the SafeBeach app or the Balearic Beaches website.
  • Groups of up to 6 people (8 people from 23/05) can meet on the beach.
  • Wear a face mask when on the beach. It can only be removed to sunbathe, swim or exercise.
  • Follow any instructions given by guides, lifeguards or Protección Civil (Civilian Protection) officers.
  • Respect the signalled bathing areas, codes of conduct and any ‘closed’ signs.
  • Beaches may have reduced services, such as no public toilets. Seaside cafés and restaurants will have loos for clients only.

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Restaurants, cafés and nightlife

  • Up to 4 people can sit at each table.
  • Wear a face mask when waiting or ordering. It can only be removed to eat and drink.
  • Smoking or vaping is banned.
  • Until 22/05/21, only outdoor areas such as terraces can be used.
  • From 23/05/21, indoor areas can open with a capacity of 30-50%.
  • Magaluf Square behind Hotel Samos will reopen on 26/05/21.
  • Most nightclubs and bars, including BCM next to Hotel Samos, remain closed.
  • Daytime pool parties, party boats and other daytime party events are banned.

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What to expect at Hotel Samos

Please follow the simple rules outlined above and any directions clearly indicated at the hotel.

Use the Hotel Samos web app to book slots for the spa, gym, restaurant and entertainment.

There is no smoking throughout the entire hotel, both indoors and outdoors. Exception: you can smoke on your private terrace.

You will need to wear a face mask at all times, including in the gym and spa, and to be attended or served by our staff. Exceptions:

  • swimming in the pool
  • sunbathing on the sun loungers
  • eating or drinking
  • when in your own room.

Up to 4 people can sit together at each table in the restaurant, bar areas or on the terraces.

Keep a distance of 1.5m from other guests. Follow the arrows marked on the floor when moving through the hotel, and wait on the indicated queuing points.

Please respect the maximum capacities and conditions of use stated at the entrances to areas such as the gym and spa.

Only share a lift with the person you’re sharing a room with. Otherwise, only one person per lift. We recommend using the stairs.

Daytime entertainment involves outdoor activities and reduced group sizes. Evening entertainment such as shows and live music will be on the outdoor stage.

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If you feel ill

If you or your travel partner feel unwell, please put on your mask, stay in your room and contact Hotel Samos reception using the in-room phone (dial 9) as soon as possible so that we can help you.

We will then call the Spanish national health service, who will provide the next steps.

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Laundry service

If you would like to have your clothes washed during your stay, for example after travelling on the plane, we offer an express laundry service by item or by weight. Just contact reception for prices and to request a bag.

Your clothes will be washed at 60ºC by an authorised launderette. Please note that the hotel accepts no responsibility for damage caused to clothes by washing them at this temperature.

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More info

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or write to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you, from your friends at Hotel Samos

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  1. Sue says:

    What will be the restaurant rules? Will it still be self service. Will it be different sittings as the restaurant gets quite busy.

    • Hotel Samos says:

      Hello Sue, thank you for your comment. The restaurant will be an assisted self-service buffet with individual portions served by our chefs, with screens to protect the food, extra show cooking to prepare dishes in front of clients, and marked waiting positions for guests when queueing. There will be a maximum number of guests able to dine at any one time (no reservation needed), as controlled by our staff, with tables and chairs arranged to respect social distancing. After each use, tables will be cleared and disinfected, and then set with fresh, sterilised cutlery for the next diners. We hope this answers your question. Best wishes, Hotel Samos team

  2. Calum says:

    Hi, will the swimming pool be open at all?

    • Hotel Samos says:

      Hi Calum, yes, the outdoor swimming pools will be open with security and hygiene measures in place on the surrounding sun terraces (such as spaced sun loungers, seating and so on, daily disinfection, and hygiene stations for guest use). Thank you, Hotel Samos team

  3. Kate says:

    Hi, will facemasks be required whilst sunbathing around the swimming pools?

    • Hotel Samos says:

      Hello Kate, thank you for your question. We are still waiting for the official changes to the rules to be published. As soon as we know the final answer, we’ll confirm it for you. Following the logic of no masks on the beach (as sunbathing is not compatible with wearing a mask) nor in the swimming pool, we hope that the same will apply to sun terraces. We’ll keep you updated!

      • Katie Marsh says:

        Is there any updates on the face masks while sunbathing?

        • Hotel Samos says:

          Good morning Katie, thank you for your patience. The government announced on Monday that, among the few exceptions, masks are not required at the beach or swimming pool, which we understand to include the swimming pool area. While on the sun loungers or in the pool, you can go without a mask. However, guests must wear masks when moving within the public areas and when ordering at the bars, and also keep the 1.5m social distance (2m at the beach) from other guests not within their own group. We will update this guide as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any more questions! Best wishes, Helen

  4. Jordan says:

    Hi there I am looking to come at the beginning of September I know there was a change in law with all inclusive I just wanted to know if I booked all inclusive would I be limited to the number of alcoholic drinks I can have or will it be the same as it has been for all the other years I have been

    Thanks in advance


    • Hotel Samos says:

      Good morning Jordan, reservations will contact you directly via email with the information you need, plus the benefits of booking direct with us 🙂 Thank you and best wishes, Helen

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