Hotel Samos

Hotel Samos Rewards

Enjoy exclusive loyalty discounts when you book direct on this website to stay with us again. Our loyalty programme offers rewards to returning guests to say thank you for choosing Hotel Samos as your holiday destination in Majorca.

Hotel Samos

Loyalty discounts

In addition to the free extras and great benefits available for all direct bookings, you can enjoy the following discounts based on your number of stays:









Hotel Samos

How to get your discount code

Before you book, simply contact us with your full name and any passport numbers used during previous visits. We will check how many times you’ve stayed so that we can send you the best discount available.

You can then book in the usual way on this website, entering the code when checking availability and prices. The discount is applied automatically.

Loyalty discount codes are for your personal use only, and are not transferable between family members or friends.