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Board options and day pass

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All-Inclusive Light+Spa (web only)


  • One FREE 90-minute spa session – direct bookings only
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (buffet service)
  • Snack service in restaurant between lunch and dinner
  • Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks (e.g. soft drinks, slushies, soft ice and alcohol-free cocktails) throughout the day
  • Max. 6 alcoholic drinks (wine, sangria or beer) per person (3 at lunch and 3 at dinner)

Not included

  • All additional alcoholic drinks (the Balearic government has restricted the all-inclusive service offered by hotels in Magaluf and Playa de Palma)
  • Bar snacks
  • Additional spa sessions
  • Massage and wellness treatments
  • Flights and transfers
  • Car hire and parking
  • Safe hire or tea and coffee facilities (free in all Premium and Junior Suite rooms)
  • Late check-out
  • Food and drink in Café Bidón

All-Inclusive Light (other providers)

The All-Inclusive Light package available via travel agencies and other third parties does not include the free spa session.

Day pass prices

Pool-only day pass: 15 EUR

  • Access to our pools and sun terraces.
  • Other services available at extra charge.
  • Entertainment not included.

All-Inclusive Light day pass: 45 EUR

  • Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner in our restaurant.
  • Includes 3 alcoholic drinks in our restaurant at lunch and dinner.
  • Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks in the restaurant and at the bar.
  • Does not include spa access or bar snacks.

Book a day pass

No reservation required for groups of fewer than 10 people. Please go to reception to buy your day pass and any extra meals, and pay for parking (if applicable).

Board upgrades

You can upgrade at reception, either when you arrive or at any point during your stay. The upgrade then applies until you leave the hotel.

It’s not possible to upgrade for individual days, unless you upgrade on the penultimate (second-to-last) day.

Guests must upgrade as a complete group. It’s not possible to upgrade on your own.

Included drinks

Bed and breakfast

All self-service drinks, such as tea, coffee and fruit juice, in our buffet restaurant with breakfast.

Half board and full board

All self-service drinks, such as tea, coffee and fruit juice, in our buffet restaurant with breakfast. No other drinks included.

All-Inclusive Light+Spa/Light

See ‘All-Inclusive Light+Spa’ FAQ (above).

Extra meal services

Visitors and guests can buy additional meal services in our restaurant at reception. No reservation required. See ‘Restaurant and bars’ FAQ for prices.

Missed meals

Your chosen board option is guaranteed to be available from 2pm on arrival day (lunch and/or dinner) until check-out time at 11am on departure day (breakfast).

Bed and breakfast

If you’ll miss breakfast due to your departure time, we do not provide an alternative as a replacement.

Half board

If you’ll miss your evening meal due to your flight time, you can take this missed service as lunch on a different day. Please ask at reception.

Full board or all inclusive

If you’ll miss a meal service due to your arrival or departure times, we don’t offer any alternatives (e.g. cold meal in your room) as replacements.

Alternatives (extra charge)

Snacks are available at the main bar until last orders. See our bar snacks.

The area surrounding Hotel Samos has a wide selection of late-opening bars and restaurants.


We do not provide packed lunches to replace meals or to compensate for missed meals. This is for health and safety reasons and due to local legislation.

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