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Special dietary needs (FAQ)

By | 28 April, 2020 | 0 comments

If you follow a special diet, or have an intolerance or allergy, we recommend that you speak to reception to advise them of your needs when you arrive.

Vegetarians and vegans

Dishes that are suitable for vegetarians are clearly labelled.

We provide alternatives where possible, such as vegan options. For example, guests can request that our pizza chef creates a cheese-free version.

Soy milk is available every day.

Intolerances and alternatives

Our menu has a huge variety of dishes and foods, all of which are clearly labelled with possible allergens as required by EU regulation.

We also offer suitable alternatives when available, such as gluten-free bread.

Cross contamination

We take great care to avoid cross contamination and many foods are prepared in front of guests (show cooking).

Peanuts and their derivatives are not a heavily used product in our kitchen and the majority of our dishes do not contain them.

Special requests

You can talk to the restaurant manager or head chef to request:

  • any special foods, within reason
  • that dishes from that day’s menu be prepared separately (in the case of severe allergies).

More about our buffet restaurant menu.

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