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Traditional Majorca

Immerse yourself in Majorca’s culture and history through its traditional festivals, fairs, markets and crafts. Discover fascinating local customs and traditions with events all year round in every corner of the island.

Town and village markets

Weekly markets (mercados or mercats) are held in nearly every town or village in Calvià, spread across the days of the week. They still form an essential part of community life, selling everything from groceries and housewares through to clothing and toys.

Some regions also have large annual markets (often linked to a fair or festival), such as Dijous Bo (Good Thursday) in Inca. Originally a livestock market, the streets now fill with stands from local businesses, attracting thousands of visitors.

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Majorcan crafts

There are artisan markets and fairs all year round (including a night market in Palma and Christmas markets across Majorca) celebrating traditional crafts and products such as leather, ceramics, glass, pearls, fabrics, olive wood and tiles.

It’s also possible to visit some of the craftspeople and artists where they create their beautiful work, such as generations-old glass-blowing factories or family-owned pottery workshops, and buy something special to take home.

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Fairs and festivals

Majorca has fairs and festivals (ferias or firas) all year round, recognising everything from local food and drink (such as olives, potatoes, wine and snails) and culture (music, art, ceramics, literature) to regional patron saints, animals and the seasons.

They commonly include a market, plus programmes packed with activities and events over the course of a week or two. They are important fixtures in the local calendar, bringing together the entire community to celebrate Majorca’s customs and way of life.

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Naughty devils

Festivals such as Sant Antoni (January) and Sant Jaume (July) in Calvià are not complete without the appearance of a few mischievous dimonis. They play an important role in local folklore, with each dimoni belonging to a certain regional group (a colla) and having specific features.

They can be terrifying to look at and they usually carry fireworks, which are set off in massive displays (during correfocs) with partygoers dancing beneath the falling sparks to the background beat of drums. A truly unforgettable experience!

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Why Hotel Samos?

Stay at our hotel in Magaluf to be within easy reach of all the traditional festivals, markets and fairs in Calvià. There are excellent transport links with taxi ranks and bus stops nearby, or you can hire a car at reception and make use of our on-site parking.

After a long day exploring the festivities in a new town or village (and dancing with the dimonis!), you can relax on your own private terrace, take a dip in our lagoon pool or enjoy some peace and quiet in our tranquil spa.

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