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Sports facilities

Train in a privileged, easy-to-reach location in Majorca, with high-quality, modern sports facilities just a short walk away and available to Hotel Samos guests thanks to our partnership with Calvià Council.

World-class training location

The Calvià region runs from the foothills of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range to the beautiful Mediterranean coastline, against a backdrop of stunning yet challenging landscapes.

As such, it offers a huge variety of training possibilities for amateur and professional athletes from various sporting disciplines. And thanks to Majorca’s warm climate, national teams come to train all year round.

Hotel Samos

Recognised sports events

Calvià is home to a number of popular sporting challenges, including:

This is in addition to the huge number of events held elsewhere in Majorca, attracting thousands of athletes from across Europe and the world each year.

Hotel Samos

Training facilities for clubs

Hotel Samos has an agreement with the Ayuntamiento de Calvià (Calvià Council) so that training groups can access Magaluf’s modern athletics stadium, located just 150m from the hotel, at a greatly discounted rate (75% off). Facilities include:

In addition, guests can use Magaluf’s sports centre (at the standard rates), also just a short walk from the hotel. The centre offers:

Hotel Samos

Sports-friendly hotel

As well as our collaboration with Calvià Council, Hotel Samos offers a range of services to enjoy whether before or after a successful training session.

Hotel Samos