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Swimming pools (FAQ)

By | 3 September, 2020 | 0 comments

When are the swimming pools open at Hotel Samos? How deep are the swimming pools? Can you use floats or inflatables in the pools? Find the information you need about our swimming pools.

Pool depths

Hotel Samos has three outdoor swimming pools with the following maximum water depths.

  • Lagoon pool: 140cm
  • Circular pool: 37cm
  • La Terracita pool: 52cm

Pool opening times

The three outdoor pools are open (with a lifeguard service) 10am-6pm, from May to October.

At all other times, guests enter the water at their own risk. The hotel accepts no responsibility outside lifeguard hours.

Night swimming

Swimming at night is prohibited.

Floats and inflatables

Guests can use floats or blow-up inflatable toys in our lagoon pool (unless the lifeguards or our staff say otherwise).

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