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Reception services

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During your stay, contact reception for prices and availability. For services that require booking before arrival, please write to us or call us.

Reception hours

Our friendly team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when the hotel’s open. Just head to the front desk or dial 9 on your in-room telephone.

Reception languages

Our multilingual team speaks Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan.

Check-in time

You can check in whenever you arrive. However, your room is only guaranteed to be available from 3pm on arrival day. The first meal service on check-in day is lunch.

Online check-in

To speed up the process, you can check in here to provide all required details and pay any applicable taxes and extras. Once completed, you only need to pick up your room keycard at reception.

Early check-in

We don’t offer guaranteed early check-in before 3pm. However, you can always ask if your room will be ready sooner.

If you’ll arrive very early (from midnight onwards), please reserve your room from the previous day, so that you can access it straight away.

Guests may not sleep in reception or other public areas of the hotel while waiting for their room to be ready.

Check-out time

Check-out time is 11am.

Late check-out

If you would like to check out up until 6pm, contact reception 24 hours beforehand for availability and charges.

Luggage storage

If you arrive before your room’s ready (3pm) or depart after your check-out time, you can leave your luggage with us for free.

Courtesy room

We also offer a courtesy room for showering or changing only.

Restaurant entry

For an extra charge, hotel guests and visitors can eat in the Hotel Samos restaurant at times not included in their board.

No reservation required; just buy the entrance ticket in reception beforehand. See ‘Restaurant and bars’ FAQ for prices.

Day pass

See ‘Board options and day pass’ FAQ.

Private car park

Our on-site car park costs 10 EUR/day per vehicle. It’s not possible to reserve a space before you arrive. We can’t guarantee a parking space will be available.

Car hire

You can rent a car directly from reception. Our car-hire partner, Torrenova Rent-a-Car, offers great deals for guests. You can also book a car online before arrival, collecting the car at either the airport or Hotel Samos.

Scooter hire

You can rent a scooter, motorbike or quad bike at reception. Ask us for prices and availability.

Bike hire

We work with various partners. Ask at reception for availability and prices.

Large item storage

You can store large or bulky items (such as golf clubs) in your room or on your private terrace. Bikes must be stored in our secure locker (see below).

Please note that you do so at your own risk and Hotel Samos will not take responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

Bike storage

We provide secure bike storage free of charge with a 10 EUR deposit for the key:

  • individual wall-mounted bike hangers with a lock
  • CCTV (controlled at reception)
  • alarm system (entrance/exit doors)

Please note that you use this service at your own risk and Hotel Samos will not take responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

Currency exchange

We don’t offer a currency exchange service.

Cash machine (ATM)

For cash withdrawals (EUR), there is a cash machine just outside the Hotel Samos entrance.

Printing service

We can print off documents such as boarding cards for a charge of 0.50 EUR per side of A4.

Laundry service

We offer an express laundry service (wash, dry and iron). The charge per item is:

  • Handkerchief – 1 EUR
  • Towel (small) – 1.30 EUR
  • Towel (medium) – 1.80 EUR
  • Towel (large), underwear – 2 EUR
  • Tie – 3 EUR
  • Polo shirt, T-shirt, top – 4 EUR
  • Jumper, shorts, pyjamas, skirt – 4.50 EUR
  • Shirt, blouse, trousers, jeans, dress – 5 EUR
  • Waistcoat – 8 EUR
  • Coat, blazer, jacket – 10 EUR
  • Suit – 15 EUR

Iron only – 2.50 EUR per item.

We do not have a self-service launderette.

Special occasions

We offer the following extras:

  • Bottle of cava – 14.30 EUR
  • Bunch of flowers – price on request
  • Cake (strawberry, chocolate, crème brûlée or Black Forest) – 28 EUR
  • Rose petals – 15 EUR
  • Note (wording of your choice) – free

You can personalise the cake with a message or name and/or add candles in the shape of numbers.

Contact us at least 48 hours before you’d like the extra supplied. Provide the recipient’s name, booking reference and holiday dates.

Cava can be paid for on arrival; all other items must be paid for in advance using a secure payment link sent via email.

Birthdays, anniversaries and honeymoons

Guests who celebrate their actual birthday, wedding anniversary or honeymoon during their stay will receive one complimentary bottle of cava from the team at Hotel Samos. Contact us to let us know before your stay.

Free upgrades

See ‘Free upgrades, discounts and offers’ FAQ.


We don’t provide decorations, but you can either post these to us to prepare a room in advance or bring them with you to put up yourself.

Function room hire

We have a separate function room next to reception. More about private room hire and what’s included.

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