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Children and young adults

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We welcome families with children. We are not an adults-only hotel.

Children’s rates

  • Room rates – these will adjust automatically during the booking process
  • Spa and restaurant – 30% off for children aged 2 to 15, free for babies aged 1 and under
  • Bars – no discount on bar drinks or bar snacks

Services and facilities

We offer the following for families with young children:

  • cot (on request)
  • highchairs (restaurant)
  • microwave for heating (restaurant)
  • pushchair and car seat hire (reception)

We don’t have specialised services or facilities such as:

  • mini-club
  • playground
  • children-only pool (see ‘Pools and terraces’ FAQ)
  • day care
  • babysitting

Spa and gym

See ‘Hotel facilities’ FAQ for entrance and age limitations in our spa and gym.

Every guest aged 17 or younger who will be staying without their parent/legal guardian must provide the following.

1) A consent form (PDF link below) signed by their parent/legal guardian:

  • giving permission for the child to enter into a contract with Hotel Samos to make a reservation and stay as a paying guest without the parent’s or guardian’s presence
  • agreeing to assume full responsibility for the child and their actions during their stay at Hotel Samos
  • accepting that Hotel Samos has the right to eject the child from the premises if their behaviour is unreasonable and/or infringes on the rights of other guests.

2) A copy of the signer’s passport or official identity document in order to confirm their consent.

Download the Hotel Samos consent form for under-18s (PDF, 50 KB).

Send us the above information plus booking details before your stay, or bring it with you.

Young adults (how to book)

Reserve in the usual way using the name of one of the guests who will be staying and NOT the name of the person booking (e.g. the parent) if they will not attend.

Alcohol at Hotel Samos

If you are aged 17 or younger, all Hotel Samos board options exclude alcoholic drinks in the bars and restaurant.

  • Minimum age to buy and drink alcohol: 18 years
  • Minimum age to enter bars and clubs: 16 years
  • Minimum age of sexual consent: 16 years

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