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Bookings and conditions

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This information applies only to direct bookings made on this website. For all other bookings, please contact your travel provider.

Payment options

When you book directly, you can either:

  • pay in full when you reserve with credit/debit card, or
  • pay in full on arrival with cash (max. 1,000 EUR*) or credit/debit card.

*Other currencies are not accepted.

Pay in advance (pay-on-arrival bookings)

If you prefer to pay at the hotel, you can pay in advance (contact us) via secure payment link or bank transfer.

This will not affect your booking type and you can still cancel for free within the stated time limits.

Payment plans

We don’t accept payment plans, part payments or instalments in advance.

Group payment

When booking, choose the option to pay on arrival if you want to split the payment between members of your group.

Credit and debit cards

We accept Mastercard, Visa or Maestro. We don’t accept travellers cheques, prepaid cards or American Express (AMEX).

What your booking includes

Check your booking confirmation email under the section ‘What is included?’.

  • Accommodation
  • Applicable board
  • Free extras for reserving on this website
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Access to applicable hotel services and facilities.

Bookings do not include any transfer or transport services.

Booking charges (EUR)

We take payment in EUR for all direct bookings (no matter what currency you choose when reserving).

We only charge:

  • the total shown on your Hotel Samos booking confirmation
  • the applicable local taxes
  • any extras you choose on arrival or during your stay.

If you choose EUR to complete the booking process, the final total stays the same.

Booking charges (other currencies)

We only ever quote and charge in EUR. When booking, you can choose to see the total in your own currency. This conversion tool is for guidance only.

It uses online, dynamic financial information, which means the total in your chosen currency may change by the time you confirm your booking.

For queries about the final total charged in your local currency to your card, please contact your bank or card provider for details of the exchange rate used, service fees and any other charges.

Lead passenger

The booking must be in the name of one of the guests who will be staying.

If you are booking on behalf of someone else, please use that person’s name and not your own.

Length of stay

The minimum stay varies from 1-3 nights, depending on your dates. Check room availability for details.

We accept a maximum of 32 nights in a single booking.

Room upgrades

You might be able to upgrade your room type (same number of people per room) once you’ve booked.

Check this website for availability for your dates. If your preferred room type is available, contact us to request the upgrade and charges.

To confirm the change, we require full payment via a secure link using debit or credit card.

Add a guest (child aged 15 or under)

If you would like to add a child to your double room, contact us with your booking reference to pay the applicable charges and to confirm the change.

Add a guest (adult aged 16 or older)

It’s not possible to add a third adult to your double room. If you would like to add an adult to your booking, contact us with your booking reference to confirm if a triple room is available and applicable charges.

Alternatively, the additional person can book in the usual way on this website and you can then request rooms next to each other (see ‘Room requests’, below).

Room requests

If you are travelling with friends or family across a number of bookings and you would like rooms near each other, contact us with your request and booking references. We will do our best to assign you rooms as close to each other as possible.

Seasonal workers

We don’t offer long-term accommodation or special rates for seasonal workers.

Pets and other animals

Apart from guide dogs or other service dogs, pets or animals of any sort are not allowed to stay at the hotel. More information for guests with accessibility needs.

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