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Booking currencies (FAQ)

By | 3 May, 2020 | 0 comments

For direct bookings made on this website, we only ever charge:

  • in EUR
  • the total shown on your Hotel Samos booking confirmation
  • the applicable local tax
  • any extras you choose on arrival or during your stay.

If you complete your reservation in EUR, the final total remains the same throughout the entire booking process.

Using a different currency

When booking on this website, you can choose to see the total in your own currency. This is for guidance only.

We only ever quote and charge in EUR; however, we offer the currency conversion tool to help guests estimate the cost in their own currency.

This tool uses online, dynamic financial information, which means the total in your chosen currency may change by the time you confirm your reservation.

For queries about the final amount charged in your local currency to your card, please contact your bank or card provider.

This total will depend on the exchange rate used, service fees and any other charges applied by your provider.

How to pay for your direct booking.

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